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Welcome to the universe of free communication, the safest in the virtual world. It is not necessary to be registered, you can choose any username and log in directly without creating a password.

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Enjoy free access to write messages and call users voice or video calls

This site was and formerly used as a 100% free live chat space by both teens under 18 and older (adults). It is an exceptional dating site for making friends which offers a very nice chat interface to chat for a long time with your interlocutor or other users.

Those who go through compulsory registration, most members have a quality profile, the site has a traceability of people who are online, that is to say each connected human is identified by his IP address , by the date and time of connection. He must register and he can in no case pass for a French or lie about where he connects. If you live in Africa for example, you cannot enter unless you check the Asv in your country of origin. In addition, all photos are validated manually. If your profile is found to be false, it will be closed quickly.

What is interesting with this chat is that it looks like an "instant messaging" is that it has a very good speed of execution, a permanent moderation 24h / 24h, 7J / 7J especially for a chat free without registration. In addition, it is intended for all ages. Indeed, you can let your teenager connect so that he can chat with other teens of the same age as him with a fairly clear conscience. You can also log in as a visitor and see those connected near you.

Want to flirt with a girl or a guy? or want to try the chat? Enter the chat without registration and let's go for a little drag.

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